Shield EMF Up to 40GHz
Block 5G Radiation
Lab Tested Protection

Why Choose BON CHARGE EMF Radiation Protection Products?

Our EMF Radiation Protection Products offer you unrivalled benefits. These products provide the most optimal protection to you and your loved ones, without compromising quality

Block up to 40GHz

Shield against ubiquitous EMF radiation from WIFI, Bluetooth and Cellular Networks (4G/5G).

Advanced Shielding Technology

Ensure you are protected from EMF radiation with lab tested, science backed technology.

Quality Materials

Soft and sturdy material to ensure maximum comfort when shielding against EMF radiation.

For Any Space

Protect from EMF radiation at home, outside and at work for complete shielding 24/7.

Do I Need EMF Radiation Protection?

We are all surrounded by wireless networks that emit EMF Radiation. If you are concerned about the potential impacts of WIFI, Bluetooth and 5G radiation then EMF Radiation Protection Products are a great option.

Trouble Sleeping?

Studies have shown EMFs can interfere with sleep quality and quantity.

Public Safety Concerns?

Cyber theft and EMP attacks can harvest your personal data. EMF Radiation Protection Products can help prevent cyber and EMP attacks.

Peace of Mind?

Prevention can be a good option if you are concerned about potential harmful impacts of electromagnetic radiation.

The Food and Drug Administration or Therapeutic Goods Association has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Advanced Shielding
Science Backed Technology
Backed by Industry Experts